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life happens

either passively or strategically

No matter who you are, life can be messy and chaotic. You might even say that life can be a disaster at times. Things just passively happen, as if you're a bystander, and you can't do anything about it. Or can you?


Your life doesn't have to STAY messy...I've learned  this first hand!

Strategically seeing 'the mess' through the eyes of EXTREME HOPE changes everything!

Life no longer 'happens to you'...'YOU happen to life!'

life Strategist

intentionally create a culture of direct connection and communication with God

This is where you acquire some new tools & keys to discover & unlock EXTREME HOPE for every situation that life presents to you.

The Awareness of EXTREME HOPE changes everything!

Messes are transformed into Masterpieces.

I'd love to help you strategically transform your life with the Extreme Hope that I carry.


About Me

It's a funny thing writing about myself. Just being transparent in this day and age can be scary because it seems that everyone has an opinion about one another that they feel compelled to share. Nevertheless, here goes! ;0)

I chose this picture to share here because it's raw & unedited, accurate, and authentically me. I snapped this selfie in front of the window in my office. I see wrinkles like train tracks across my forehead from 52 years of many expressions. I see crepe-paper lines dancing at the corners of my eyes from 52 years of more smiles than tears. I see freckles from exposure to the southern sunlight that has left it's fingerprint on my skin. I see a light in my eyes that is more than a reflection through the panes of glass. I see a smile that is content and confident declaring "I am loved."

I like the woman I see.

I've been told that "Because you're beautiful, people won't believe that you've ever had a hard life."

Believe me when I tell you that the description above was not always my reality. I have known pain, loss, betrayal, and disappointment. My life has had it's share of calamity and disasters that I didn't choose and could not change.

However, 34 years ago I collided with God - The Author of Hope Himself became my Divine Mentor and ever since He's been teaching me how to live 'disaster proof from the inside out'.  

Always learning. Always growing. Always advancing.

This awareness changes everything!

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Life Strategies

one-on-one sessions

The Awareness Suite

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Hearing God
For Yourself
ABC's of Hope

Suite #1

Suite #2

WifI Training
Conversations With
The Author of Hope

Suite #3

Suite #4

Establishing your Culture

7 foundational conversations all about your inheritance ~ it's your BIRTHRIGHT to

Hearing God For Yourself.

Exercising your Communication skills and co-authoring with God ~ disaster proofing your life from the inside out through

The ABC's of Hope.

"What if Instead..."

Connection is never a problem when you become a WifI Expert after gaining this

Life Strategy.

Putting it all together while drafting off of a Culture of Connection & Communication

~ life strategies ~

from the perspective of

The Author of Hope.

The Adventures of Elle & Anna

The Awareness Suite for Kids

through the eyes of a

Sock-Monkey and a Bumblebee Pug ~ 

two sisters through the miracle of adoption.

Coming Soon!


“I was created for connection, He chose me,

and He wants to converse with me.

This is not a new concept for me but the knowledge that you care and intentionally want me to KNOW this and apply this to my heart, mind, and soul means more to me than going

week after week to church to be filled or

trying to find Him in the 'walls' of the church. ”

Marsha W. ~ 50 something wife & Entrepreneur
~ Awareness Suite Member

Charlana Kelly,

CEO SpeakTruth Media Group LLC Author, Radio & TV Host

Lori Clifton is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. She has a beautiful ability to discern and articulate the heart and voice of God. The most marvelous thing about her is that she longs to help others do the same. If you desire the MORE of God, Lori is the one to bring truth and joy to your life as she empowers you to walk in an awareness that will change everything you see and say!

Bless yourself with an opportunity to spend time with her. As you do, you will step into an eternal moment that is sure to change your course, putting you on the Divine path chosen for you millennia ago. 


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