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Common "four-letter words" can either strike fear in the heart of parents or spark a fire in their spirit's that burn brightly with love!


In Lori Clifton's book "Love and other Four-Letter Words: Winning the Battle for the Heart of Your Family," readers will rediscover the often-overlooked simplicity of knowing love and the restoration that accompanies a revelation of love's full display. Take a journey with Lori as you read her book to discover what happens when the innocent question of a 5-year-old prompts a conversation with God, The Creator, that ushers in victory for her family giving them eyes to see and ears to hear. Lori shares simple truths that can shift your awareness and change everything you think you know.


In simple terms, winning the victory for the heart of your family with love and other four-letter words is your mission.

And it is possible!

Love & Other Four Letter Words-Softcover

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